Tuesday 26 November 2013

Health & Wellbeing Expo in Hastings on Sat. 7th December

Hawke's Bay Health Collaborative is a group of professionals who are passionate about collaborating together to offer you the best for your health and wellbeing.

Our services include acupuncture, homeopathy, holistic nutrition, personal development coaching, mindfulness, yin yoga and much more ... Our intention is to place YOU at the centre of our knowledge, experience and skills to create the best possible outcome for your Health and Wellbeing.

Do join us on Saturday 7th December at Core Fitness, 229 Heretaunga Street West from 10 am - 4 pm at our Health & Wellbeing Expo. Practitioners will be available to answer your questions, there are mini-workshops, giveaways and special offers. Bring a friend or two and discover ways to enhance your life!
Workshop Schedule 7th December at Expo
 10.20am –Welcome and Introduction
 10.30am – Alison Cowell – Healthy Eating
 11.00am – Nadine Vollmerg – Core Touch
 11.30am – Linda Evans – Performance Coaching
 12.00pm – Heidi Beck – Thrive Homeopathy
 12.30pm - Carol Neilson – Yin Yoga
 1.00pm – Christine Cutbush - Bones for Life
 1.30pm – Joanne Amyes – Energy plus
 2.00pm - End

Thursday 14 November 2013

Experiment to prove that homeopathy is NOT placebo

The homeopathic principle

Sensational study of University of Leipzig

Karen Nieber, a professor of pharmacology, merely wanted to prove that homeopathy doesn't work. She argued that with potencies higher than X 23 not a single molecule of the original tincture could possibly be present, mathematically speaking, and that no pharmacological effect would be possible.

In the search for an experimental setup in which any possible placebo effect can be ruled out, she had a brilliant idea: she put a rat's intestine in a fluid culture medium and used organic threads to fix it to a sensor so that she could measure any shortening of the intestine caused by cramps. Then she added a stimulant (atropine) to the fluid culture medium to produce severe cramps in the rat's intestine. The intestine shrank and the scales showed a strong traction.

When she then added belladonna X 90 to the culture medium, the intestine relaxed and the scales showed less traction. This proved that homeopathy is effective in the absence of any material substances - and in 2003 she won the € 10,000 Hans Heinrich Reckeweg award.