Monday 21 December 2015

Wishing you a relaxing Christmas and a fabulous, healthy 2016 !

 Dear clients and friends of homeopathy,
The year is coming to an end I hope that overall it has been a good one for you. May your holiday season be relaxing and peaceful. The new year full of adventure and health.

Now is the time we tend to reflect about what has passed and make resolutions for the year to come. Hopefully you will consider your physical health, mental and emotional well being in your goals as only then will the coming year be spectacular.

I will be offering another 4 hour short course for Accidents & Emergencies incl. a homeopathic kit @ $80. So if you are interested, please let me know or maybe you would like to give it as a gift for Christmas?

I also offer vouchers which can be at any value and used for a consultation or a product such as a kit.

Rescue Remedy in a lovely bag with instructions is another lovely gift you could consider. 

20mls/ $25.

I will be here between the holidays and in January should you want a consultation or have an emergency that can't wait.

Have a lovely Christmas and thank you for entrusting me with your health.

Find this radio show on Radio Kidnappers under programme Homeopathy Hub


Wednesday 2 December 2015

Need a Christmas gift for a special person?

Supporting a dear friend or loved one to regain or maintain health and well-being is a truly personal way of showing how much you care. Have you considered giving any of the following?
  • Rescue Remedy in a chiffon bag with an info sheet for internal and external uses. 20mls @ $25
  • A kit consisting of 12 homeopathic medicines for all occasions such as ; Summer ailments, Travel, Sports & Injuries, Accidents & Emergencies or Birthing and more.
  • Gift certificate for my next 4 hour short course including a kit of 12 homeopathic medicines $80
  • Gift certificate for a homeopathic consultation $120 including a homeopathic medicine
  • Gift certificate for a personal Bach Flower mixture. Ideal to help you deal with emotional stressors  50mls @ $35
  • Homeopathic Sleep combo drops @ $7

Yes there is something suitable for everyone and every occasion.Contact me on 021 33 52 33 or email: and order your selection to show your care and appreciation for those close to you.