Tuesday 7 November 2023

Do you need a special gift for someone you care about? I have a few suggestions for you!

This homeopathic kit consists of 11 remedies in glass vials and comes with detailed guidelines so anyone is able to use these homeopathic remedies. This kit will come in handy for situations of minor burns, bruising, sprains, cold symptoms, rashes, infections, fever, fright, grief, emotional stress, and even holiday hangover! Definitely a useful and wonderful present. Only $60

Great gift for someone going on an overseas trip. Only $10
Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is great for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, anticipation. Safe and very effective even on animals. Comes with info sheet and many usage suggestions. 20mls only $28
My personal homeopathic sleep combo has proven to be very helpful for those struggling to relax and turn off the racing thoughts or worry keeping you from falling asleep or waking and not going back to sleep. This present will definitely be appreciated by the recipient! 10mls only $10.