Wednesday 4 August 2021

Homeopathy for the whole family

Programme "Homeopathy with Heidi" on Radio Kidnapper, episode: Homeopathy for the family 

In this episode Heidi has a chat with her client Marissa who shares how homeopathy has helped the whole family. Some of these health issues will sound familiar to you too! 

For example; mastitis, nursing issues, baby colic, sleeping issues, school anxiety, school bullying, learning and concentration problems, low confidence, tummy bug with diarrhoea, head aches, stress of being a Mom and more.... !!

Why Homeopathy? Why Not?

What do you really know about this form of complimentary medicine? Do you have unanswered questions about homeopathy? Are you repeating what sceptics say? Then this show will help you make informed choices and help you decide what is right for your health and well being.

Click here to listen to my programme "Homeopathy with Heidi" on Radio Kidnappers; episode Why Homeopathy? Why not?