Wednesday 8 March 2023

Homeopathic Remedies Post Trauma and Disaster

 The cyclone has caused destruction and devastation beyond imagination and the effects will be felt in many ways for a very long time. It is important to get relief from the sleeping issues, anxiety, grief you might be experiencing and to ask for help. Homeopathy is very effective, all natural and safe for all ages, even animals who are equally traumatised can benefit from it. 

The indications for remedies to consider are below.

Homeopathy treats the individual person so if these acute remedies are not helpful or enough, please feel free to contact me for a consultation which can be done in person or online and the remedy then sent to you. Please talk to me about discounts.

To find out more about how homeopathy can help you might want to listen to my latest radio show on Hawke’s Bay Radio, programme “Homeopathy with Heidi” about Trauma and burnout post cyclone. It is also on Apple play and Spotify or via my website (see below).

Remedies will support your mental, emotional and physical recovery.

Our heart goes out to the community and we are keen to help. All homeopaths are available to support you and your loved ones in times of need.

            Aconite: for fear and fright, near death experience. Consider this remedy even if the trauma is a while back. 

Arsenicum album: for fear and worry about loss of security on all levels - physical and financial. It helps to reduce the fear of being alone. Waking and restlessness after midnight.

     Gelsemium: can help those with ailments from hearing bad news. It may also help with post traumatic conditions where the person feels dizzy or drowsy and may come down with cold symptoms following bad news or shock.

      Opium: can be useful for someone who has had such a fright that they become severely disassociated. If you are suffering from this form of self-protection following a shock or trauma, you may not be aware how “out of it” you are. Sometimes you may be feeling dull or numb as if drugged or sedated.

      Argentum nitricum: is used for repeated catastrophic thoughts of the fright or trauma. It is also helpful for anxiety of going into a possible traumatic situation.

      Arnica: is the first remedy to consider for the general effects of an injury. It helps to maintain your strength, promotes healing and assists in overcoming shock. It is good for general bruising and swelling as well as injury to the head and neck.

      Ignatia: is very beneficial in the event of sudden loss or grief. You may be in the state of disbelief. There can be heavy sighing or sobbing, or nervous muscle twitching. You can be highly emotional or oversensitive or exactly the opposite with the desire to be alone and in silence. Sense of being overwhelmed.

          Stramonium: is used if you have experienced and re-experienced fear and terror after a shock or trauma. You may experience a range of feelings, such as hysteria with loud laughing to rage and feelings of unreality.

      Phosphoric acid: is for anyone who sinks into apathy and doesn’t want to talk after hearing bad news. In spite of the apathy, they are able to summon up enough energy to carry out physical activities if they have to.

         Rescue remedy: is a Bach Flower Combination Remedy that can be used for anyone who is anxious or frightened. It is a good way to administer the remedy to people suffering from shock and ongoing fear or anxiety. I suggest you add 6-8 drops to your daily water bottle to help take the “edge” off stress, worry, anxiety, nervousness and state of despair. Take it for a few weeks. You cannot overdose on it and there is no risk of any harmful side effects. Also add it to the food or water of animals.

     Dosage Guidelines

     Choose a remedy which most closely matches your symptoms and situation.

    Let 1 pill dissolve under your tongue.

    In acute situations add 1 pillule to a glass of water, stir and sip every 15 minutes for 2-4 hours. When symptoms improve STOP taking the remedy - start again if symptoms return. If there has been no improvement consider another remedy or contact your nearest homeopath.

    Keep homeopathic medications in a cool dark place out of reach of sunlight and away from aromatherapy or strong-smelling substances as well as EMFs.