Monday 20 April 2020

Heidi chats with High School student Celine about Physical and Emotional Trauma after a car accident

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Celine came to me  9 months after  having had a serious car accident leading to a severe head trauma and operation. She was still suffering from: Daily headache, no concentration, poor memory, bad sleep, nightmares of the accident, fainting spells, anxiety, out of body sensation and more.
Doctors told her to be patient it will take time. But what about life in the meantime? NCEA exams?
Homeopathy has relieved all of the above symptoms. Click on the link above to hear the full story.

Tuesday 7 April 2020

How Homeopathy helped Marie deal with her ANXIETY

Radio Kidnappers: Heidi talks to Marie about Anxiety
To listen to this radio show please click on this link above.

Especially during these times of health scares, economic insecurity, worries about future in general and change of habits, restrictions and confinement, we all must find a way to adapt, cope and find the silver lining.

This is hard even when following our "normal every day life". Currently it is not merely the physical health of maintaining a strong immune system but also our mental and emotional health that must be supported.

If not, then we can experience physical illness such as; headaches, heart palpitations, panic attacks, sudden sense of feeling overwhelmed, uncontrollable crying or emotional disconnect and apathy, insomnia, lack of appetite or binge eating. All these and more can be the result of stressors you  are currently experiencing.

Homeopathy is one of the many natural, effective and affordable healing options you have. Listen to my client Marie tell her story from severe anxiety to feeling emotionally balanced, energized and once again having a positive but realistic outlook on life. Curious? Then please click on the link above.

Feel free to contact me should you be interested in finding out if homeopathy might be able to help you to thrive mentally, emotionally and physically again.