An individual's dis-ease

While homeopathy recognises the value of diagnosis, the healing approach chosen is based less on a disease label and more on the patient’s individual presenting symptoms.

Holistic Consultation

Finding the homeopathic remedy best suited for your symptoms involves an in-depth inquiry into your current complaint and general characteristics. Information about your personal and family health history is also vitally important. Seemingly unrelated or unusual observations are just as useful as mental and emotional symptoms such as dreams, fears, worries and what makes you happy or sad.

After the consult all the information is
considered and much reading is done

A journey to natural healing

The initial consultation may take between 60 to 90 minutes. A shorter follow-up visit after 3-4 weeks is usually scheduled to assess response to the homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy is a journey to healing from within. In some cases it may take more time to stimulate healing on the deepest level, especially in longstanding illnesses.





The healing process to health and well-being 


How quickly you regain your health depends upon many factors: what illness you have, how long you have been unwell, and the previous treatments you have received.

You may notice an immediate improvement in some of your symptoms, or it may take a few weeks before you can see, or feel, any improvements. Sometimes people experience a return of symptoms they had some time ago. This is part of the healing journey, is usually short-lived, and passes within a few days.

If you experience anything that is distressing or debilitating it is important to contact your homeopath.

I see homeopathy as an integrative approach to health which includes open communication with doctors and specialists. Homeopathic remedies can be taken alongside prescription medication. It is NOT a choice of either or! I encourage my clients to speak to their medical doctor and to monitor the health conditions more closely when taking homeopathic remedies as medication must then be adjusted according to the improvements made once on the healing journey. 

Homeopathic medicine

Holistic approach to long-term good health and well-being


Homeopathy offers holistic support for a wide range of health problems. Often there is an immediate improvement or disappearance of symptoms in simple acute winter ills and chills, tummy bug, ear- , throat- or chest infections, muscle aches, sprains, diarrhea, motion- or morning sickness, mastitis, anxiety, trauma just to name a few problems homeopathic remedies can aid and support your recovery. The remedies are very useful during childhood diseases and safe during pregnancy, aid and reduce labour time or complications post birthing.

Homeopathic products support and assist normal organ function and wound healing, calm and soothe, encourage the immune system without any toxic side effects.

The consultations are unhurried and totally confidential. You are listened to sensitively and in depth so that you as an individual can be holistically supported.

Has something been bothering you for months or even years? Don't leave it any longer, look for a resolution now.

Effective, natural healing through balance and harmony


Homeopathy is also very effective in more serious recurrent or chronic illnesses. If it cannot stimulate a cure it will at least improve or stabalise the complaints. Emotional or mental disturbances also fall within the sphere of homeopathic aide as homeopathy aims to harmonise all aspects of the person. Emotional and mental imbalance is often the root cause of the “dis-ease”.

Consider homeopathy if you want to improve your alertness, mental clarity, focus, healthy brain function and balance your moods. Conceive naturally and take an holistic approach to achieving and managing long term good health.

Seeking the cause of illness

It is much better for you to be free of both the cause of your illness and the symptoms, rather than merely to relieve or suppress the symptoms. No two people are alike; every person is different.

Please do not attempt to address complicated or chronic problems without full homeopathic training or if symptoms persist after self prescribing.


Free initial Q & A session

Should you be in doubt whether homeopathy is right for you or your loved ones, contact me for a free initial 15 minute informative question / answer consult.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.