Thursday 22 August 2013

Homeopathic remedies and kits for you in case of the flu

We have almost managed to get through the winter but it is often towards the end of the cold season that our immune system is weak and cannot fight off the infection. Prevention is always the best. For example plenty of fluids, fruit and vegetables, plenty of sleep along with VitC can help but are often not enough. If you do catch a cold or even the flu antibiotics will not help if it is due to a virus. What will help is the right homeopathic remedy as it will stimulate the body's immune system so you can deal with the virus much quicker with less symptoms.
Questionnaire to help you find your homeopathic flu remedy
For a simple common cough or cold I encourage you to try using homeopathic remedies from the cough/cold kit which you can purchase through me.
I offer various kits consisting of either 6  for $20 or 12 remedies for $31.

Following kits are currently available: Starter, Travel, Cough & Cold, Ear ache, Accident & Emergency, Sports & Injuries

If you have any questions, concerns or a more serious illness, complaint, please do seek help from a professional healthcare provider. If you would like a homeopathic remedy please do consult a professionally trained homeopath. Please also be aware that a Naturopath is NOT a homeopath.