Saturday 28 December 2013

Why you should consider using homeopathy

Homeopathy is no hidden medicine. It was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann around 200 years ago and is recognized and practiced worldwide.
What makes it so wonderful is that it is all natural. No pharmaceutical drug companies are in it for profit. The remedies are mainly made of plant, mineral or animal substance.
It is safe because all possible toxins have been removed in the process of making the homeopathic remedy which is available in various potencies or strengths to suit the person and presenting condition.
It is non-habit forming as it stimulates the person’s immune system to heal itself. Therefore you will not have to continue taking homeopathic remedies like many pharmaceutical drugs. Sometimes, especially in acute illness, a single dose is enough. Therefore also extremely affordable!
Easy to take for everyone! Even newly borns can take the tiny milk sugar pillules which dissolve quickly in the mouth leaving only a sweet taste.
No side effects as with pharmaceutical drugs. There can be minor aggravations of consisting complaints which pass quickly and then the healing process begins.
The remedy is selected according to the individual and how the person perceives and reacts to the complaints. Therefore different remedies might be given to people suffering the “same” illness or complaint. For example a teething baby could be very upset and bad tempered. Nothing you do will be able to please the child. The other teething baby could be very whiny, demanding to be gently rocked and cuddled constantly. These are 2 completely different remedies. The two babies will receive a different homeopathic remedy each. There is no “1 size fits all” in homeopathy.  Sometimes people take a common remedy for a particular complaint and are disappointed, even lose faith in homeopathy, when it fails to relieve their symptoms. It is important to also match the remedy to your personality, rare and peculiar symptoms which are individual to YOU. For example what makes the complaint better, what worse, worse what time of day, type of pain; pressing, stabbing, burning, stinging, causation of complaint, ……. This is when it is better to consult a registered homeopath for advice before giving up on homeopathy.
Homeopathy aims at restoring health as opposed to suppressing or regulating symptoms like many pharmaceutical prescriptions such as pain killers, hydro-cortisone, blood pressure regulating drugs, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medication, etc. If you are not satisfied with just managing your problems and would like to treat the cause, safely, effectively, naturally and long lasting, then you should consider homeopathy.
There are numerous stressors in our lives. Some are external such as toxins, viruses, injuries. Others are more mental and emotional such as anger, grief, jealousy, low self-esteem, abuse or trauma. Homeopathic remedies address all these aspects of a person. Often our beliefs, thought patterns, past experiences and fears will hold us back from changing our lives. Unless we address this, deep healing cannot take place. Homeopathy is a journey to healing from within.
Homeopathy can help with acute illness such as infection, coughs & colds, injury, strains & sprains, broken bones, panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, pregnancy complaints and during labour, menopause, behavioural problems of children and teens.
Chronic conditions are also treatable such as arthritis, asthma, vaccine damage, ADHD, IBS, allergy, eczema and many more.
You might be surprised to know that these famous people are/were users of homeopathic remedies: Charles Darwin, Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandi, The Royal Family, Usain Bolt, The German National Soccer Team, NZ Gov. General and his family just to name a few. They cannot all be wrong!
I often hear people say, “I have tried everything but nothing works”. Well, if you have not tried homeopathy, that is not true. You really have nothing to lose and your health and wellbeing to gain. Contact me Heidi Beck at THRIVE homeopathy and ask for an initial free 15 minute consult if you are unsure how homeopathy can help you.
It is my goal to support my clients every step of the way. Nobody is left alone.