Sunday 7 September 2014

What is Stress and how homeopathy can help you

If the demand exceeds the available resources, then all systems gear up to deal with the challenge. Stress can be enlivening, exciting, stimulating, or it can be a pressure, a strain, a drain and a pain!
In small doses, stress improves our performance; it helps us stay focussed and protects us from exhaustion.

Unfortunately many of us experience regular even daily stress causing situations (negative and positive) in jobs, substantial life changes, grief over illness and death, financial hardships, daily hassles, deadlines, relationships.
Constant stress causes our inner alarm system (our adrenals) to remain turned on too long and it becomes more difficult to turn off.
Living harmoniously with stress involves a movement between tension and relaxation.  No two people will react to the same stressors nor will they react in the same way.
Stresses like a new job are enlivening and exciting for one person or challenging and frightening for another.
When your personal stressors are not assessed and managed they can lead to serious health issues.

Homeopathic medicines can be a marvellous healing option as they support your body’s need to calm down, relax, focus and avoid agitation and exhaustion; re-balance. When selecting the best suited remedy the stresses that preceded the illness are taken into account.
Anxiety may be linked to long periods of stress or an ill-fated experience in the past.
Homeopathic remedies help you control even eliminate some worries, fears, issues before they interfere with your daily responsibilities, health and quality of life!
There is almost unlimited help available in the homeopathic medicine chest for life’s multitude of stresses whether they are

PHYSICAL: aches & pains, colds & coughs, digestive disorders
MENTAL: exhaustion, poor memory & concentration, negative thought patterns
EMOTIONAL: depression, grief, resentment after abuse,

Factors such as the mental/emotional state of the person, the location of the symptom, the behaviour of the person towards the symptom, susceptibility, family history and more is addressed when seeking the best suited homeopathic remedy. Stresses that precede an illness are a cornerstone to successful prescribing.

So you do have a choice and way to deal with stress before it causes you your health. If you want to prevent or deal with
Ò  Heart disease
Ò  High blood pressure
Ò  Chronic fatigue
Ò  Sleep disturbances
Ò  Difficulty concentrating
Ò  Lack of confidence
Ò  Depression
Ò  Difficulty relaxing
Ò  Difficulty with decision making
Ò  Irritability ………….

Please contact me for your homeopathic appointment. If you want to know more first, I offer free 15 min. initial consults then you can decide it homeopathy is right for you. We will also consider diet and life style changes, herbal support, vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as the possible need to repair, drain and detox organs.