Wednesday 2 December 2015

Need a Christmas gift for a special person?

Supporting a dear friend or loved one to regain or maintain health and well-being is a truly personal way of showing how much you care. Have you considered giving any of the following?
  • Rescue Remedy in a chiffon bag with an info sheet for internal and external uses. 20mls @ $25
  • A kit consisting of 12 homeopathic medicines for all occasions such as ; Summer ailments, Travel, Sports & Injuries, Accidents & Emergencies or Birthing and more.
  • Gift certificate for my next 4 hour short course including a kit of 12 homeopathic medicines $80
  • Gift certificate for a homeopathic consultation $120 including a homeopathic medicine
  • Gift certificate for a personal Bach Flower mixture. Ideal to help you deal with emotional stressors  50mls @ $35
  • Homeopathic Sleep combo drops @ $7

Yes there is something suitable for everyone and every occasion.Contact me on 021 33 52 33 or email: and order your selection to show your care and appreciation for those close to you.