Tuesday 25 February 2020

Homeopathy Works Wonders in First Aid Situations

Homeopathic medicines are natural, effective, very fast acting, affordable and safe for all ages. There is no harm done in trying a homeopathic medicine for pain relief, to reduce bruising, promote healing, prevent infection, lower fevers, stop itching, burning , swelling and rashes, improve sleep, digestion, strengthen immune system, alleviate symptoms of food poisoning.

Click the link to listen to Heidi Beck chat about Homeopathic First Aid
Radio Kidnappers | 1431AM and 104.7FM The Voice Of Hawkes Bay

Learn to help yourself and loved ones naturally. In this episode Heidi talks about the benefits and uses of homeopathy in these situations. She has put together a pocket size kit consisting of 12 medicines and offers 4 hour short courses so that you feel confident in using the kits.