Saturday 10 October 2020

Connection between mold - niggling chronic cough and homeopathy

 So many of us live with black mold in our showers, around windows and on our walls. Luckily not everyone will react and experience symptoms but let's be clear; living with mold is not good for anyone. Several clients have come to me with an ongoing chronic cough which for years they have not been able to get rid of. In the case of my client Carly who was living in a damp house a few years ago and eventually moved to a warmer and drier home is still suffering from a cough. According to the homeopathic principal of "Like cures Like" I gave her a remedy made of mold spores which immediately settled her cough. 

She also had severe mastitis ( inflammation of the milk ducts during nursing) with fever and pain. Again a single homeopathic medicine made from a plant helped within the day and she was able to nurse her twins without the need of antibiotics.

Want to hear the story directly from my client? Please click on the link to listen to my latest radio show Homeopathy with Heidi on Radio Kidnappers.