Wednesday 24 March 2021

A client finds relief from gut and skin issues, overcomes her grief and drastically improves her debilitating sweating problem

 So often clients come to a homeopath to find relief from one nagging health complaint as you would when visiting your GP or specialist.

Homeopathy is holistic healing, so you will be asked repeatedly, "What else is bothering you?" as well as ".. tell me more." 

My recent client heard one of my radio shows on gut health so she got in touch from USA. We scheduled a video consultation and soon found there was more than gut and skin issues going on for her. Not only has homeopathy stimulated healing of gut and skin, she has finally been able to work through some bottled up grief and move forward. Most unexpectedly the chronic sweating condition, hyperhydrosis for which she has been medically treated for 20 years,
has improved drastically.

Curios and want to know what Amanda has to say about her healing journey? Click here to listen