Tuesday 31 March 2015

International Homeopathy Awareness Week - Meet your local homeopaths at Farmer's Market in Hastings 12th April


Homeopaths worldwide are celebrating homeopathy through the10th annual World Homeopathy Awareness Week April 9- 15 2015. The theme this year is ‘Homeopathy in infectious diseases’. There will be displays in libraries and homeopaths will be at the Hastings Farmers Market on Sunday 12 April to answer speak to people who would like to know more about homeopathy. For over 200 years homeopathy has been used to support the immune systems of people with infectious diseases, including influenza, colds and coughs, boils, skin infections, teeth infections and so on. People who use homeopathy know that the right homeopathic medicine can quickly stimulate a positive healing response reducing the time and intensity of the illness.  

Homeopathy uses natural diluted medicines (also called remedies) to stimulate the person’s own immune response. They don’t work in the chemistry of the body but do work through the quantum energy field of the person, sometimes called the life force or the ‘qi’. This little push to the ‘field’ is often enough to reorganise the various systems in the body so symptoms disappear. The response can be very fast and it is not unusual to see a person walk out of your clinic saying they are already better after the dose.

Conventional medicine has yet to find a way to measure the effect that homeopathic medicines have on the energy field of the person but will, in time, find a way to demonstrate this effect. However homeopathic medicines can be used alongside conventional medicine as there is no risk of interactions. 

We have a wide range of homeopathic medicines available to us - mostly made from plants, animals and minerals or gems. You can make appointments for homeopaths in Napier and Hastings through our website www.homeopathyhub.co.nz or by email info@homeopathyhub.co.nz