Monday 11 November 2019

Did you know that emotions and chronic urinary tract infections can be connected?

I admit it sounds unbelievable but this young woman has been suffering from horrendous bladder pains and recurring infections since early childhood. All specialist's tests and prescription medication have not helped her heal.

Upon coming for a homeopathic consultation we looked at all aspects of her life; diet, daily routines and habits, physical symptoms and her mental/emotional state.

Then the completely  natural homeopathic medicines, which are free of any side effects,  were selected accordingly. Within days she improved drastically and today she is doing well on all levels and can enjoy every day as it comes.

Listen to Ruby tell her story in this 20 minute Radio Kidnapper's recording of my weekly show Homeopathy with Heidi Wednesday morning at 9 am.

Click here to listen to the radio show on chronic UTIs with Ruby and how homeopathy helped her