Monday 24 April 2023

Listen to my show on Family Healing after Divorce

People get divorced for a good reason. Often that means there has been an unsettling time with many arguments and discussions leading to anger and emotional hurt. This affects every family member in many different ways. Homeopathy is a powerful yet gentle way to help each person heal from the traumatic effects of a divorce. Some struggle with anxiety, lack of self worth, insomnia, eating and digestive disorders, poor concentration, nervous tension, migraines just to name a few issues.

Children see, hear and feel far more than parents realise. It is not surprising therefore to notice changes in their behaviour, learning, eating and sleep patterns or even bed wetting.

Homeopathy not only helps you heal from the obvious physical issues but will also help you emotionally and can even let you overcome thought patterns that have been unhealthy.

Curious? Tune in to hear from Jo personally about how homeopathy helped her reclaim her health and wellbeing after her divorce.

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