Tuesday 23 May 2023

Healing from Blame and Shame after Sexual Abuse

Listen to Claudia tell about her inspiring healing journey

 In this podcast my client Claudia talks about how hard it has been to find her way to a healthy, happy life after ongoing sexual abuse from her trainer. There are many ways to heal from trauma. I believe homeopathy is very gentle, effective and results are immediate as well as long lasting. Counselling can feel like you are reliving the traumatic experiences. In a homeopathic consultation it is more important to understand what the traumatic experience has done to you. In other words how has it affected your physical health, your emotions, thoughts, how do you live your daily life now etc. The details of your past experiences do not need to be relived or outspoken. 

The selected homeopathic remedy will help unblock what is keeping you from moving forward and enjoying life again. If you are unsure if a consultation with me is right for you, call me, ask your questions and then decide.