Caring for a loved one can use all your strength and emotional energy. This client came with anxiety, exhaustion and emotionally very vulnerable. After just 1 week of taking the homeopathic remedy her symptoms had gone she reported the following:

" The fog has cleared and I can feel and breathe again. I had lost myself while caring for everyone else. I am happy again."

Annie April 2022

Heidi is fantastic. Her warmth and kindness make you feel instantly at ease, shes so welcoming and her entire ethos make it so easy to be completely open with her. 
She is incredibly knowledgeable and explains things so clearly, its always fascinating to hear about the remedies she gives you- and it always makes so much sense <3 I'm so grateful she takes the time to let me know how these remedies work and what they are. 
She is a great listener and asks questions that help get a whole idea of whats going on for you and causing issues for you, so its a completely different approach to any mainstream allopathic medicine/treatment, she often asks me things that spring light bub moments like "oh I didn't even think about that, but that could totally be contributing to this problem". 
Heidi cares greatly about her clients and how her remedies help them. How amazing that we can reach a point of gentle self healing within our bodies with her help/guidance. Heidi is fantastic at what she does, and I highly recommend her if your looking for a natural remedy, delivered with kindness and understanding!

Brianna Brook September 2nd 2020

This is what attendees of my homeopathic short course in First Aid have said about this 4 hour lecture which includes handouts of the presentation and your very own pocket sized kit containing 11 homeopathic First Aid medicines.

"Fabulous, informative session. Thanks Heidi"
" I have a better understanding now!"
"Very informative and easy to understand. Interesting facts as well."
" Thanks Heidi, it was very interesting and filled in a lot of areas I did not know about.
      Many thanks."
"Great workshop, very practical and well presented. Love your passion!"

August 4th 2019

One amazing homeopath Heidi is.
Its been an amazing journey to be connected with someone like Heidi so easy going and knowledgeable .We came to know her at a time our son had been battling chronic sinus disease for most of his 16years life or one of a few issues and a wisdom tooth in the sinus cavity high up causing infection .Heidi treated Nik for a few weeks prior to ENT appointment with surgeon. His observations were mind blowing as we looked at a recent and older CT scan that showed diseased tissue infected so badly and a scope at the time of his appointment the difference was amazing Nik had new healthy tissue growing with no signs of infection and no operation needed and an ENT that was dumbfounded as we told our homeopathic story of treatment ,we were abruptly told there was no evidence this was true ,we however rode the journey for 16 years and know it wasn't modern medicine that helped him.

Heidi continued treatment thereafter this time for the wisdom tooth to move out the sinus cavity and again today our boy saw the surgeon only to be shown again from previous scan to today's xray it's sitting just outside the cavity requiring no operation as there's no infection.

Wow Heidi it’s been a journey we have so much gratitude for your help thank you for the love and care you showed when he wasn’t well and patients when I was out of it ,knowledge when I thought it was the end we will always be grateful parents and are happy to see our boy so healthy thanks to you!

L.A. , February 2018

The First-Aid & Travel Homeopathic short course with Heidi Beck was a most valuable day. Heidi's presentation was very informative and useful. On getting home after the course I managed to drop a Litre water bottle on my big toe; normally I would have gone for the Arnica but on remembering the presentation on crush injuries, I tried out my new homeopathic first aid kit and used the Hypericum with great results - pain from a throbbing toe almost completely gone after sipping the Hypericum in water over a 20- 30 minute period.

Two of my children were struggling with anticipation anxiety, every weekend when they had to take the bus back to boarding school they felt so nervous they felt they had to go to the toilet numerous times before the bus ride. Now they have a Gelsemium pillule before they leave home and not once have they mentioned the need to go again. It was an instant aid in helping their nervousness.

Other medicines from the first aid kit we have used so far are Aconite when one of my children received a tennis ball straight into the eye, he found it relieved the pain very quickly. Apis for an allergic reaction, and Rhus -tox for a torn ligament.

Altogether, I am so glad I attended the course and take the first aid kit with me at all times - Heidi's notes in the kit are really helpful.

Anke November 2017

I was referred to Heidi after suffering with a re-occurring health condition. Heidi was easy to talk to and was quick to arrange an appropriate time for a Skype session.

The Skype session felt just as if I was actually at the clinic. After a detailed discussion, Heidi found me the perfect remedy which has worked well. Heidi’s follow-ups via email have been great.

She was very knowledgeable and gave me insight into a lot of linked symptoms that no one has put together before. She also made it very clear what to do next time when my symptoms reoccur.

Thanks Heidi. C.Reynolds November 2017

Upon struggling with a health condition for some time I was referred to Heidi at Thrive Homeopathy. After a detailed consultation of my health situation, Heidi recommended a remedy which was spot on and over the space of 4-5 weeks I have made steady progress to a much more balanced place of wellness.

Homeopathy is a wonderful health tool which has assisted me to better health. I will continue to use homeopathy to help me be well.

Thanks Heidi :) Fe Graham October 2017

I would recommend Heidi with my heart and soul. She is amazing with her understanding and willingness to get to the root of your problem and treat that instead of just giving you a plaster with side effects. Everything has its place and trust me these natural medications will take your breath away.

I broke my skull many years ago falling off a horse and the horse stepped on my skull leaving me in hospital for a while and flat on my back for months. I had to go for many tests and see many doctors. My biggest complaint though could NEVER be helped, which is HEADACHES that were debilitating to me for all those years (over 25 years).
I felt helpless, frustrated and misunderstood. I lived on pain killers every day. Waking up with a massive headache, go through the whole day that way, till going to bed with the same headache.

When I found Heidi moving here, it changed my life since the very first day I saw her. While I was there for my first session she gave me some homeopathic remedy to take immediately. By the end of the session and I was leaving I was asked how my headache was and I was truly amazed because it was gone. I continued the treatment for a few days and to my astonishment I could go to bed without a headache, wake up without one and go through the day without.

I am truly amazed with her expertise and she listens (which can be hard to find in the medical profession).

Please if you suffer with any condition please let her help you to the road of recovery which is not long and most of all don't have side effects. You will thank yourself for giving her the opportunity to help you.

Nettie - March 2017

For about 8 months I suffered from reflux, digestive pains, constipation ..... for years. I tried to help myself with quite a variety of natural medicines.

I got worse and worse until I decided to see Heidi. We talked during my assessment and immediately she got up and gave me a GLOBULI (little white pillule) to take . Then she advised me to get another natural product to take in first in the morning and last at night. With the one dose my symptoms vanished. I could not believe it.... .Heidi immediately got the right medicine. My nervous system balanced, I felt calm and centered.

I hardly could believe that such a tiny milk sugar ball can do such wonders and Heidi chose immediately the right one. Happily I will catch up with Heidi to decide what happens now to keep me so well . Thank you Heidi 

Christa - February 2017

I have been a huge fan of homeopathy for many years and have had very good results using it for all minor ailments. I always carry some basic remedies with me.

However, I decided to move over from Germany a couple of years ago to be with my family. Within six months of moving to Napier I suffered the most awful bout of home-sickness. 
I really missed my friends and my life over there. 

My family here in New Zealand live locally but they all have their own very busy lives. This meant very little time for us to spend together. All I felt was deep sadness and grief. Also self-doubt started to creep in. All I wanted was to go home.

As I am a person who likes to be social and outgoing I found this situation becoming unbearable and I knew that something had to change fast.

Heidi lives just up the road from me so one day I approached her and made an appointment. This changed every thing.I had a 90 minute consultation and came away with two remedies.

I was told that if it is the right one it can work within minutes. Thought she was joking!. 15 minutes later I already started feeling better and within a week I was almost back to normal. Very rarely now do I experience homesickness or extreme sadness but if I do then I take my remedy and within minutes I am fine.

My story does not end here. Sadly my mum died very recently but I was able to use my remedy to cope with the grief really well. Heidi was very supportive and took me through the right dosage to use in the two weeks leading up to my mum’s funeral. This was using homeopathy as a preventative, rather than a curative measure. I was amazed as to how I felt. I could grieve but did not end up feeling depressed. I was able to concentrate on the things that really mattered during this time. Also I was able to sleep normally which was really important.

Not only was I affected by this trauma but my Collie dog was also grieving. He became quite aggressive and started biting his loved ones. He did not obey commands and did the total opposite. Also he decided that humans could be used as a tree to wee against. This was very bizarre behaviour so I immediately turned to Heidi for advice. Two doses of a remedy and two days later he was back to normal. I had many comments as to how calm and well behaved he is. This was the norm.

I cannot stress enough the benefits that homeopathy offers to both humans and animals.

I totally trust and recommend Heidi who has become much more than a therapist. She has always been there for us. 

Michaela,  October 2016

I went to see Heidi early May this year as I had been suffering from insomnia for several months – I had tried everything, diet, vitamins, sleep routines, calming baths and expensive sleep drops.  Nothing worked, I’d happily doze off to sleep at about 10 pm, only to wake at about 2 am – and nothing could get me back to sleep.  I was exhausted all of the time and couldn’t think clearly (except maybe at 3 am). 

So I went to see Heidi at Thrive Homeopathy.  We had a very comprehensive consultation (it was at least 90 minutes) where we discussed my sleep pattern, what I had tried, my personality and anything that might affect my sleep and holistic health and wellbeing. 

At the end of the consultation I left with some rescue remedy, a pill under my tongue, another to take in two days  time and a spare for emergencies.  I thought,  “Hmm, doesn’t seem like much – surely I need more of these pills?”

Well it’s nearly six months on.  Not a sleep deprived night since – Occasionally, I use some of Heidi’s rescue remedy if I’ve had a busy day and I’m feeling too alert at bedtime but otherwise, I don’t need any other sleep aids.
 Samantha, October 2015

Life’s journey to happiness and ‘wellness’ is unique for each of us , but we are not alone on this journey, and help is there when we need it. I am so happy to have met Nadine Vollmerg, and through Nadine, Heidi Beck at a time in my life when I had to manage many changes and new challenges. 

Not only are their skills in their chosen path exemplary, they are both compassionate, caring people. With their patient guidance and encouragement I can say that my life journey has been expanded and improved. Always there is more to learn and reveal in the wonderful experience of living! But there are times when life can be overwhelming, and in my case this indeed was brought to my attention in physical manifestations-nothing like pain to get our attention!! 

The Cranio-sacral work with Nadine is amazing and I continue to uncover/discover more-and experience the connections between our mind, body and spirit .

Heidi has patiently nurtured me with Homeopathy, through various calamities! The work is ongoing but exciting! Heidi has helped uncover for me through astute questioning, my physical and mental ties that are so interconnected. Thank-you both and I always look forward to our work together. 

Anne Vink, 10th April 2015

I had been off school for a year because I had stage 4 Endometriosis at the age of 16 and even after my surgery I was in a lot of pain. Specialists had me on 8 different kinds of medication a day but it was not helping me at all. 

That’s when a friend suggested we see Heidi, and I can honestly say that she has changed my life. I went from being 10/10 on the pain scale every day to nothing in a matter of days. After my first visit to Heidi I had my first 4 days of being pain free and all from a little “magic” pillule. 

Now I feel more like myself all thanks to Heidi’s magic. 

E.J., age 17, Napier
January 2015 (3 months after initial consult; pain free, no medication, regular and normal menses)

"I went to Heidi in a last ditch attempt to rid myself of severe recurring headaches that had been lasting for days, which no amount of painkillers could shift. I also suffered from waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep easily. Within an hour of receiving the first remedy my headache disappeared, just like that!

For the first time in nearly 10 years I now sleep soundly all night, I have more energy and feel well rested when I get up. There have been many benefits in other areas of my health and wellbeing that have come as a result of my time spent with Heidi. 

I definitely recommend homeopathy it's a great holistic tool that complements any health regime." 

Kathleen Boyd, OMG Solutions Napier, October 2014

Heidi has helped with my son's health immensely! Battles with reflux and continual courses of antibiotics / steroids for chest problems was a real worry.

Homeopathy has helped us to break this cycle and now my son is recovering quickly from illnesses, without the need for antibiotics and steroids. I really like how Heidi genuinely cares, and tries to establish the root cause of illnesses, she does not give up until she finds the right remedy for the problem. 

The tips and advice she gives for general health and well-being are also very useful. It has been great to learn that our bodies can heal themselves without drugs and with some homeopathic support. 

Thank you for all that you have done for us Heidi - I continue to recommend you to everyone I can and know you will continue to be our first port of call!' Many thanks, 

Hannah Jenyns, 18/08/2014

"Although I am an advocate for holistic medicine Heidi is the 1st homeopath I have consulted and I can confidently recommend her to anyone who is considering an alternative to pharmaceutical medicines.

I visited Heidi with my 12 year old son who had been suffering with stomach problems diagnosed as constipation, a possible grumbling appendix, blocked stomach valve - but to name a few. At my wits end with a child who was having days off school, crying with pain and generally very unhappy we consulted with Heidi and haven't looked back since. 

It took 2 visits, the prescription of some magic pillules along with her thorough diagnosing of my sons problems for the symptoms to disappear. I would definitely consult with Heidi in the future, constantly recommend her to my friends and am thrilled for her that she is now fully qualified, embarking on her career as a Homeopath!" 

Megan Donovan, Napier June 2013

I see homeopathy in general, and Heidi in particular, as part of my healthcare package. 

Heidi was able to solve a five year old complaint that 'conventional' medicine made no headway with. She is a first class health professional who is now, for me, a first resort and not a last resort. If you are looking for a permanent solution to a health problem I would highly recommend a consultation with Heidi. 

Sharon Chapman ABC Software Ltd - October 2012

As my homeopathic practitioner, I can wholeheartedly recommend Heidi Beck.  I have seen her on a number of occasions for myself and my son and the results have been incredible. 

It's important to be completely honest with Heidi, you will not be judged, but her knowledge and intuition will safely guide you in your journey to wellness from healing from within.

Sue Eldon - October 2012

Thanks for the little pills that made a huge difference to me. I had trouble with my voice just tiring during band practice, due to a number of things including personal stress at the time. However careful I was, it seemed to worsen.

After a consult and the first two pills, what a difference! I sang better, stronger and even felt inspired to write more, which is my passion.

Thank you for the return of my voice 

Emma Raisey - January 2013

I have been using Homeopathy for the past 4 months, WOW!!! what a difference. 

I have been trying a few different remedies for various things and feel so much better, I love going to see Heidi, she has a lovely calming personality and is very good at what she does -  I would recommend Homeopathy to anyone with any sort of complaints.  Try it you will never look at back.

Karyn Bosher - March 2013

I have worked with Heidi Beck for a number of months now and through her work I have noticed a distinct improvement in my sleeping through the night which has been a major problem for me over the last few years.

 I would thoroughly recommend Heidi for an alternative remedy to improving your health for the long term, a major positive and working along with my regular G.P. I feel I have the best team on my side for my health.

Judy Steiner - March 2013

Vielen lieben Dank fuer die Zeit, Geduld und Dein Verstaendnis welches Du immer wieder warmherzig ausschuettest waehrend ich von Hoelzchen auf Stoeckchen springe und mich durch emotionale Themen arbeite. 

Mir ging es sofort nach der Einnahme des homeopathischen Mittels das Du mir verschrieben hast bedeutend besser. "Overwhelm" flipped to "everything is ok". Meine Zielstrebigkeit habe ich wieder gefunden und damit hat sich mein time management auch erneut dramatisch verbessert. And all that thanks to your precision, dedication and love for the work you do.

Life can be so much easier and doesn't have to be such a struggle. I love how you involve me in the process and allow room for me to decide for myself what feels right as my next step. I am excited about my healing journey and hope that others take up the opportunity to see you as well. You are a GEM!!! P.S.: My knees are surprisingly starting to improve as well!!!

 Deepest thanks and gratitude,
Nadine Vollmerg - February 2013